Video entry instructions

How to submit your video entries

Before sending your entries please ensure the following:

  1. The length of each HD film is no longer than 90 seconds
  2. You have permission to use any music, sound or narrative
  3. Still Images. The winning film will be featured on the BWPA winners page and in the forthcoming BWPA book. For this we will require a still image as well. If you are shortlisted we will require a still image, either taken directly from the video itself or a camera still image shot during the filming. The higher the resolution the better. Please save digitally as a TIFF or JPG file. You do not need to submit a still image in the initial stages, but as you may be asked to provide one later you should consider preparing one at the time you are making your clip. 

Buying credits for video entries

Payment is made by purchasing credits on this page only. The cost per film is £10 - please buy one credit for every clip you wish to enter. The limit on number of clips entered is five. 

Buy your video entry credits here.

These video credits are not valid for other BWPA categories. 

Please do the following:

  • Buy the appropriate amount of credits for the number of films. Five clips is the maximum permitted. 
  • Click here to buy video credits.
  • Send your films by using a service such as We TransferThese services are usually free at least for a trial period. Any suitable service may be used provided it arrives at this email address:  
  • For each film please send an accompanying email to the same email address including this information:  Name of film, Location in Britain, Name of entrant, Contact details: address, email, home phone and mobile phone number. 
  • We will confirm receipt of your entries within a couple of days by email. 
  • If you are shortlisted you will also be asked to send a still image or images from the shortlisted film. Still images are not required unless you are shortlisted. 

Video entries will only be accepted online. 

Technical requirements for video

  • All films should be supplied in HD format. Films in SD will not be accepted.
  • HD formats 720p and 1080p and 24/25/30fps preferably 24fps
  • Containers .mov, .mp4 or .avi
  • Codecs – H.264, mp4, mpeg4